A rollable pixel at Google?

Image 1 : Un Pixel enroulable chez Google ?

Image 1: A rollable pixel at Google?

Knowledgeable, Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin unveiled the Pixel before the Mountain View company officially presented it. Now he announces that Google is preparing several smartphones, including a foldable device.

The existence of such a project seems logical. Google teams have long collaborated with Samsung teams. The goal is to optimize Android so that it can manage the different types of display. The company’s engineers took advantage of the Android Dev Summit to declare that foldable phones are naturally suitable for their operating system. Furthermore, they know the technical aspects of these devices and will be more easily able to make one.

However, some observers draw attention to an important detail. Google remains cautious and will not launch its own smartphone until the market is uncertain. In addition to Samsung, manufacturers like Huawei and LG could enter this niche in 2019. If customers are attracted to this new product, the Mountain View company will no doubt offer own foldable phone later.