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A refund for GameStore buyers

A refund for GameStore buyers

Apple announced this morning that buyers of the GameStore app, which appeared on the AppStore in early January and went online in error, will be reimbursed for their purchase in the coming days.

On December 31, Apple had mistakenly launched a new application called GameStore. Sold 0.79, it offered its users to buy content online 1.99 and seemed intended for simple internal testing before being posted on the App Store. If we do not yet know how such an error could have occurred, we do know that buyers will be reimbursed. Fortunately for Cupertino, that does not represent a large quantity since the app had only been online for a few days, until January 2, the date when Apple removed it from the Store. The American glove also apologizes for the clumsiness with its audience.

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