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A QuadCore for the next Apple products

A QuadCore for the next Apple products

Some clues left in the beta of iOS 5.1 suggest that Apple will soon introduce a quadcore processor for its next iDevices.

If Apple currently uses A5 dual-core processors, chances are the glove will need to use something more powerful soon to stay up to date. This seems to be demonstrated by this find from 9to5Mac, which has found lines of code that suggest the arrival of quad-core processors. iOS 5.1 indeed begins to show its secrets. In the attached illustration, we can see the presence of "core 3", which probably indicates a quadcore processor. Certainly, if you are not particularly addicted to technology, the index may seem ridiculously small, but in reality it would be a reliable index. Still, that does not tell us from when Apple will use a quadcore, or with which device. In other words, the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 could just as easily run on a simple A5 if Apple is not ready …

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Source: 9to5mac