A "prostitution" service soon on the App Store?

A "prostitution" service soon on the App Store?

The business begins to make a big splash: renowned for its strict regulations imposed on developers wishing to publish their applications on the App Store, the Cupertino company could nevertheless be more flexible – at least, that is rumored – the gard of the “meeting” site SugarSugar who plans to launch his iPhone application soon.

Popular in the United States, SugarSugar is a site on which women offer their billed services. Even if the dating site refutes the term "prostitution" in the description of its services, it does not the less that it comes close to it.

The application that could land on the App Store could offer members of the "network" a simple and easy access to its services with the added bonus of a geolocation service to find "a good plan" nearby.

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(Via Zdnet)