a price drop to "explode" the market

Deezer does not want to leave the field open to Spotify, Beats Music, Apple, or Tide. The platform that recently launched a Deezer Elite offer to offer music in very high quality now plans to pass the second and return to the fore.

Deezer-logo Currently, Deezer brings together 6 million paying subscribers, against 16 million active users, for a total of 150 million euros in turnover in 2014, the vast majority of which is made in France. In France, Deezer is even number two in streaming behind Spotify.

To reverse the trend, Deezer is setting up in more and more countries and has simplified its web and mobile interface to make it more accessible.

The platform's next big argument, however, could really shake up the market. Daniel Marhely, the cofounder of the platform thus evoked: "at 10 euros per month, we address to music fans, but at 5 euros, we explode everything, it's the right price."

But to manage to reduce the price of its offer to this point, it will be necessary above all to convince the record companies, without which the margin of Deezer will not be sufficient to cash alone this price fluctuation.

For their part, the record companies would like to do away with free wiretapping financed by advertising, which is far from being profitable. We bet that in the midst of all this, a compromise is undoubtedly possible.