A pedal connected to monitor your bike

A pedal connected to monitor your bike

According to fairly recent figures, 6 bikes are stolen every minute in Europe. This probably explains why many people turn to a less attractive model when it comes to a bicycle that has to be tied up in an insecure place, thus hoping not to arouse lust. The accessory mentioned today should therefore interest more than one. Students who cycle to university, for example.

This connected pedal, available in several colors, can be installed in two stages, three movements, and then locked with the bike usingan encrypted key and be paired with your smartphone to indicate any unexpected movement. But that's not all. This connected pedal will also allow track physical activity, namely the duration of the journey, the distance traveled, the average speed, the top speed and the calories burned, thanks to a GPS module and a SIM card. The icing on the cake, no need to recharge a battery on the mains or change batteries, since the device use bike movements to fill up on energy.

Connected Cycle connected pedal 1

Connected Cycle connected pedal 2 Connected Cycle connected pedal (click to enlarge)

The distribution of this connected pedal made in France is planned for later this year 2015. The price has not yet been communicated by Connected Cycle. Perhaps we will know more about this after the CES.