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a patent for an iPen stylus

a patent for an iPen stylus

Apple probably wants to offer a stylus with its tablets and other workstations, but as always with the brand, this implies not to bow to common uses.

iPen Apple Thus, a patent recently filed by the brand evokes the iPen, a stylus that works as well directly from touch surfaces as on a sheet of paper. The USPTO has validated the idea deposit, and Apple could therefore start manufacturing if the company wishes.

From the screen of a smartphone or tablet, the stylus operates like any other traditional stylus. On paper, on the other hand, the traces will be automatically transmitted wirelessly to the terminal on which it is synchronized. Drawings or texts will therefore automatically be displayed on the terminal screen.

The system is not really new, but it is currently only offered by manufacturers of accessories, and not directly by a manufacturer of smartphone or tablet. With this type of stylus, there is no doubt that Apple intends to compete with the Galaxy Note, since it is with this accessory that Samsung plays part of its communication.