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A panoramic photo mode for the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch?

A panoramic photo mode for the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch?

One of the features reserved exclusively for the iPhone 5, and the iPod touch, could be a panoramic photo mode, reports the site MacRumors.


It is well known that when it comes to widely promoting one of these new products, Apple has this often unjustified gift of undermining certain features of iOS in its older devices. While the clamps of iOS 6 are already known (read our article: iOS 6 and its unjustified bridles), owners of older devices may still be paying the price for a new feature that is about to be revealed at the time of keynote from this Wednesday. You don't have to go far to find out what functionality it is. Just go back to November of last year when clever little ones discovered that a functionality allowing to take photos in panorama mode was hidden within the codes of iOS 5. A feature, moreover, was accessible thanks to a tool intended for iPhone users jailbreak.

At the time, it was not the first time that we heard of this feature intended to land in Apple's iOS. Indeed, a patent in this sense had already evoked the possible project of Apple around this functionality.

Since the discovery of the functionality, Apple has therefore not deigned to make it available during the various updates of iOS 5. Obviously, the American glove would have preferred to keep it in its boxes to make it available, for example, during of the next major iOS update.

And this is probably what the Cupertino company will announce tomorrow evening, when it will – once again – review all the features of the final version of iOS 6 and its little new features that have been attached to it since the release of the first beta version in June.

Will Strafach's tweet

At least that's what iOS developer Will Strafach claimed on Twitter, just before backtracking and deleting his tweet. The latter however explained the drafting of our colleagues from MacRumors letting them know that this information was already known and not because it was wrong.

For his part, the editor of the site iMore Rene Ritchie confirms the information by relay through us in November but adds that he cannot confirm that the functionality is about to happen.

Anyway, if Apple were to make this feature available with iOS 6, there is a good chance that it will be exclusively reserved for the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch which should also be announced this Wednesday evening.


Recall that when the feature was discovered last year, the feature was accessible through the camera interface. It was used to capture photos to achieve a panorama by simply moving the photo from left to right.

According to the feedback of several testers of the time, the functionality did not allow for a broader panorama than that offered by applications such as Pano or Photosynth (free on the App Store).

There is no doubt that if this functionality is effectively made available, the authors of this type of application – including those mentioned above – are not likely to appreciate its arrival natively on new devices.

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