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a notch as a trackpad [Brevet Apple]

Apple plans to add a new layer to the MacBook Pro, taking advantage of the space currently occupied by the trackpad.

MacBook Pro concept

The new patent filed by Apple provides for the integration of a notch inside the trackpad. After proposing a small screen with the Touch Bar which has met with little success with users, Apple now seems to want to extend this functionality and bring it to the entire surface of the trackpad.

Thinking a notch in an area that we use for hours and hours with our hands to move the cursor certainly seems a little strange. But for Apple, it's at least worth exploring the concept further:

To display both the keys pressed on the keyboard and the actual input, a user can be forced to move his field of vision several times between the keyboard and the main monitor. This continuous movement can slow or interrupt typing activity and reduce user productivity.

In practice, for Apple, the user is unable to type on the keyboard without first looking at the keys and then the monitor. That's why she thinks a notch in the trackpad to facilitate this type of control. Automatically entering words and phrases would also be displayed on the trackpad screen. Thus the user can select them and automatically complete the entry. Those who write a lot on computers know how useless this thing could be.

In the patent, Apple also explains that the text displayed on the trackpad screen moves automatically depending on the position of the hands. The goal is to make it easier to read at all times and to prevent hands from obscuring the text.