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A new version of BiP Express

A new version of BiP Express

Belgium-iPhone is launching a new version of its BiP Express newsletter. A safe way to stay on top of important news from your favorite blog!

Fresh look on the newsletter of Belgium-iPhone ! As of this Friday, people subscribing to the weekly newsletter Belgium-iPhone will be able to find the “key info” for the week from a new angle. Inspire from the current interface of Belgium-iPhone, BiP Express will offer you to find more information worth the detour, the “most comments” articles and also interactions with our blog Geeko.

As a reminder, subscribe to the newsletter of Begium-iPhone, it’s also the possibility to stay informed at all times (via our Flash news) when an information does not deserve to wait to be delivered to you.

Want to sign up for BiP Express? It's this way.

An overview of the new version of BiP Express: