A new Steve Jobs figurine appears

A new Steve Jobs figurine appears

Remember this Steve Jobs figurine, put on sale by M.I.C Gadget and which earned them the wrath of Apple to withdraw them from the sale, and well the site "Toy haven”Brings this Steve Jobs figurine back to life.

The CEO of Apple Inc. is represented on a 1/6 scale for a size of 30.48cm high in front of a desk on which an iMac, Magic Mouse, iPhone 4, iPad 2 is available. Steve Jobs is, meanwhile, dressed in his black t-shirt, his jeans and his timeless New Balance sneakers.992,

At first glance, this figurine seems less well finished than that which was proposed by M.I.C. Gadget. This figurine (and accessories) is available at around $ 160 (excluding shipping costs). The ToyHaven site, which sells this figurine, does not mention the author of this work.

Will you be tempted by an unofficial reproduction of Steve Jobs?

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