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a new reality app from Apple is growing

iOS 14 : nouvelle app Apple de réalité augmentée

Apple is developing a new augmented reality app that would normally arrive with iOS 14. The new app, named Gobi, will allow users to get more information about the world around them with increasing reality.

iOS 14: reality's new Apple app is growing

Based on the iOS 14 code, Apple seems to be testing this new type of integration in certain applications. For example, in an Apple Store, users will be able to lift their iPhone and view information about products on display. It will be possible to obtain prices or to compare functionalities.

The iPhone or iPad will be able to activate the augmented reality experience using a QR code that will work as a beacon for a specific area. There will be some sort of SDK or API integration for third-party companies so that they can provide their own tag identifiers. These will load resources and custom scenarios. It looks like Apple is already testing this new feature with Starbucks.

It is not clear if the API will be available and free for everyone. unless Apple will only offer it to certain selected partners.