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A new iPhone without notch planned for 2020 by Apple

A few days ago, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple would be on the verge of launching by 2020 a brand new iPhone, without a notch. This information was relayed by Credit Suisse and confirms the new direction taken by the apple brand with regard to the design of its devices.

Since the iPhone X, Apple has definitely shown that it is taking a whole new aesthetic turn for its smartphones. When the phone was launched, the firm created a surprise, which it reiterated with the launch of the iPhone XS. Obviously, the iPhone with notch would be at the end of its life.

Thus, the rumor, launched by Ming-Chi Kuo and confirmed by Credit Suisse Securities, would like that the American mark is in full design of an iPhone without notch whose exit is planned for 2020. The absence of the notch will allow a enlargement of the screen without weight gain for the device.

In addition, Apple would also have planned, as was the case for the iPhone X and XS, to equip the mobile with the Touch ID. Hidden under the screen, the fingerprint sensor will be integrated so as to make the entire surface of the smartphone a support for digital authentication. In addition, there is a front camera also hidden under the screen.