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A new iPhone full of new features according to Walt Mossberg …

The famous chronicler of Wall street journal, Walt Mossberg, was recently questioned during a test he did on the Palm Pre. You should know that the biggest manufacturers, including Apple, very often entrust them with their new products, shortly before their official release. Walt Mossberg thereafter undertakes to write his review in the famous daily.

Walt Mossberg who is certainly already in possession of the new iPhone, was questioned about his preference between the Father and the new iPhone: to know if the Pre is better than the iPhone is a matter of personal preference even if I must note that the new iPhone which will be unveiled next week will embark on a bunch of new functions which will be able to modify this preference, he said and went on to say that the new iPhone will be launched in early July.

We will appreciate this little information from the columnist who tells us that there is no longer really any doubt that a new iPhone will indeed be announced next Monday!

As a reminder, Walt Mossberg had already caused a sensation the year passes regarding the iPhone 3G.

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