A new home page for Free

A new home page for Free

The new Free home pageThe ADSL access providerAsynchronous Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology allowing access to broadband internet directly by your telephone line… has just taken a big step on its image by completely revamping its home page.

A less old-fashioned page

The least we can say is that its portal takes a hell of a facelift, thus abandoning the gray and dark colors of the old version. The page is now immaculate and offers in its main left column four customizable modules: Free Services, Free Home Video, Continuous News and Themes. We can thus move them to order them as we wish.

It is of course possible to access Free services from this portal such as your account, support, e-mail or answering machine. This new version therefore completes the redesign of the support pages put online a few months ago and thus unifies the whole.

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