A new concept of iPod Touch 8 with Face ID

A new concept of iPod Touch 8 with Face ID

Apple iPod Touch 6GAfter a disappointment iPod Touch 7, Apple could work on a model in the air of time to satisfy his fans. While waiting for this potential new device, we propose you a new concept of what could be iPod touch 8. This concept of Gunho Lee is cho cho our concept diPod Touch 8 last May.

ipod touch 8 concept

A nice diPod Touch 8 concept

Like us, Lee regrets that Apple was born with its latest iTouch.

Always present in a brushed aluminum case, the new iPod shows here a notch notch, with finer borders. Dropped a drop, the match goes very well with the general style.

For the photo part, iPod Touch 8 always consists of an optics and a sensor but from the iPhone XR. The whole is coherent and forcment propos in several colors. Watch the video of this concept:

Finally, we imagine that the iPod Touch 8 would have a 4.5-inch drive from the XR and a chip A13 to run the latest games.

If Apple proposed a new iPod Touch 8 in 2020 or 2021 less than 300, it could find a young audience lost with the latest model. And why not take inspiration from this player to get an iPhone out of range, an iPhone XC …