A new concept of iPhone 5

A new concept of iPhone 5

The graphic designers put all their talent to present to us their vision of the fifth generation iPhone, whose release is expected by the end of September.

This concept produced by MacMagazine takes up the rumors presented yesterday by the Wall Street Journal (see: “IPhone 6 would charge wirelessly"), Know a low model on the iPhone 4 but with a notch is wider and larger by 4 inches. It does not follow the idea of ​​a flash located on the right of the rear hull and rather offers an HD camera for FaceTime.

Whimsical or rather realistic? The fifth generation iPhone still feeds many unknowns… and the specialized sites are having a great time (see: “A concept of iPhone 5 with a large notch")

What would be the ideal iPhone 5 for you? Does this concept tempt you?

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