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A new and third "worm" has arrived …

A second "towards" with far more serious repercussions appeared in the Netherlands and especially to users of the ING Net Banking.

Users are actually redirected to a site similar to the original and which invites you to enter your access codes. No need to tell you more…

Like the previous two "towards" it only attacks iPhones iailbreaks and whose password has not been changed.

This much more dangerous “worm” was detected by F-Secure because it looks like it’s like a botnet.

According to the research director of F-Secure even if it "towards" is for the moment localized and isolated that in the Netherlands it could very well be that the latter decides to extend all over the European continent in another form.

A message will soon be posted on the attacked bank's website so that all account holders using this system are made aware of the danger of the virus.

Having contacted a friend working at ING Belgium this virus would have no impact on Belgian users, the configuration & settings would be completely different!

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