A modular Mac Mini in Apple's boxes?

A modular Mac Mini in Apple's boxes?

Apple computers are not known to be the most scalable. Where a desktop computer can replace most of its parts, a large part of the Mac components are machine welded. However, Mac4Ever indicates that more modular Mac Mini would have been distributed even within Apple.

Of the last two computers unveiled by Cupertino at the end of October, the Mac Mini has obtained the best repair score from the iFixit site, which specializes in dismantling Apple machines. While the MacBook Air only got a score of 3/10, the Mac Mini would take double.

One of the criteria to assess this repairability lies in the possibility of easily replacing certain parts or not. However, despite this encouraging score, the Mac Mini does not allow to dismount the SSD, nor to change the processor, both welded to the device. Only RAM can be removed, provided that the machine is almost completely dismantled.

Mac Mini configured differently would be in circulation in the offices of the Californian firm. These would be fitted with connectors dedicated to the storage disk and to the processor. Enough to change the components with ease.

There is no point in getting carried away, however, it is probably only machines intended to test different configurations and not a hypothetical new generation of Mac Mini whose development is already underway.