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A message with a specific link can block an iPhone, Mac or iPad

Previous versions of iOS have shown that the Messages application can be prone to some malfunctions. In the latest major version of Apple’s mobile operating system, a new problem was highlighted. This is a special message with a malicious link.

In the past, it has been seen that you can block an iPhone or iPad with precise handling in Messages. This time, it’s a link that can crash an Apple phone, tablet, or computer. The person receiving the message does not even need to open it to see their blocked device. The link in question contains a series of characters that cannot be read for Messages.

However, blocking is not systematic. As long as your device remains usable after receiving the message, quickly close the application. Then reopen it to delete the conversation with the malicious link.

How to protect yourself from future messages? Go to Settings> Restrictions> Websites> Limit content for adults> “Never allow” and add the site The latter is the server hosting the malicious page. The discovery of this threat is to be attributed to developer Abraham Masri. He then shared his find on social media.