the official Charlie Hebdo support spot by RSF

a message for us, and an official site to make your donations for them SHIFT

Let us forget, or rather try to forget for a few moments the tragic episodes of these last days to focus on the essential, namely to support them in these difficult times.

The official Charlie Hebdo website has been updated and a message has been sent to all defenders of freedom after this heinous attack:

Because the pencil will always be above barbarism …

Because freedom is a universal right …

Because you support us …

We, CHARLIE will release your journal next Wednesday!

Charlie Hebdo: The newspaper of the survivors, will be published this Wednesday, January 14 at 1,000,000 copies.

Charlie Hebdo 1,177 miNote that if you want to support them, in addition to buying the next issue on newsstands or subscribing via the viapresse site, an official site was launched this Friday in order to collect donations as François d'Orcival, president of the association Press and Pluralism, told AFP.

The association specifies that "Charlie Hebdo needs you to survive. (…) There is considerable emotion after the heinous attack on Charlie Hebdo. She needs to translate. We offer the possibility to the public to do it through this site".

As part of this operation, called "J'aide Charlie", donations can also be sent by post to the following address: Association Presse et Pluralisme – TSA 32649 – 91764 Palaiseau Cedex. Finally, note that these donations will be deductible from income tax up to 66%.

As a reminder, the Press and pluralism fund gave 200,000 euros to allow the publication of Charlie Hebdo next Wednesday.

Last detail, the association Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will be responsible for collecting donations from abroad.

Update January 11 2 p.m. : The Reporters Without Borders (RSF) association has just opened its international donation collection platform accessible at This platform, in English, will allow donors around the world to meet the immediate needs of the weekly and ensure its long-term survival. Note that this platform is set up in consultation with the Charlie Hebdo publishing company and the association of Charlie Hebdo friends. The funds will of course be donated to the newspaper.