A Macbook Pro 2015 sees his battery explode!

A Macbook Pro 2015 sees his battery explode!

icon macbook 2016While cases of iPhone explosions are rare (but exist), those concerning Macbooks are even less common. Obviously, it's useless to compare the misadventure Daniel Dourvaris had with the # GalaxyNote7Gate.

This user described the scene on Medium. We learn that his MacBook Pro Retina 2015 went to smoke without warning. Indeed, everything started with the unexpected extinction of his Mac, then a noise and a white smoke came to light when he turned it on again. Very quickly, flames sprang up and Daniel ran to put him in the bathroom. As a result, he burned his fingers and Mac's battery exploded just after he dropped it.

A chance he did not sleep

As Daniel very well indicates in his post, fortunately he was not sleeping at that time (at the same time who uses his Mac while sleeping?) Because the damage could have been much worse.

We hope now that Apple will investigate and help him recover his data (the SSD seems cooked, it is the case to say), or even offer him a Mac.

In any case, if you see that your Mac overheats for no reason and / or that the battery swells, go to the Apple Store and make a backup of your data regularly, it is a habit to take.

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