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A MacBook 5G for the second quarter of 2020?


Posted: August 5, 2019
Updated: August 4, 2019

by Steve

We may be in the middle of August, with businesses idling and a large part of the world on vacation, the flood of rumors, it will never dry up. World is Small as proof of this last information relayed by the website Digitimes, always very well informed of the latest news from the apple brand.

According to site journalists, sources close to the supply chain say one of the next MacBook Apple would be equipped with a 5G chip. Ideal for the coming of this new technology, as complex as expected. The 5G chip of this MacBook would be much better than those of the competition, since it would have in addition a new generation of ceramic antenna.

A new component which would cost six times more expensive than a traditional metal antenna, but which would display twice the performance in terms of transmission and reception. What augurs for a much higher MacBook price, at the same time … Up to fifteen antennas can be integrated into the same Macbook, against “only” 11 in a 5G smartphone. Digitimes does not specify if the 5G modem of this Macbook will be developed by Qualcomm. Finally, the expected release date is for the second half of 2020, which would coincide with the release of an iPhone 5G.