a large digital school will be created

At the end of the morning, François Hollande held the fifth press conference of his quinquennium. An exercise now usual for the Head of State which generally gives rise to a few announcements without however going into details.

This has been the case for digital technology, which the President of the Republic has stressed will be a priority for the government, particularly in education. In line with what he had already mentioned at the end of 2014, François Hollande said that " digital will be taught from elementary to high school. "

It is therefore an echo in the big digital plan for the school but whose contours are still blurred. A national consultation on digital has been launched until March 9. At the end of the conference, a national digital conference will be held in April.

This morning, François Hollande added that diplomas related to teaching digital in schools will be created. What will be the place of what is politically called computer code? Decisions will be made in May.

During his speech, the Head of State went beyond the case of teaching digital in the formal framework of the school to discuss digital training and job creation through digital.

It is in this spirit that François Hollande, after welcoming the private initiatives that exist, announced the creation of a digital school which will be responsible for " disseminate training throughout the territory, in addition to what will be done in the context of education ". Should we understand MOOCs?