a kit to make vehicles semi-autonomous before the end of the year

a kit to make vehicles semi-autonomous before the end of the year

Titillated by a challenge in which he strived to create an on-board system approaching fashion Autopilot of Tesla Motors for much less, George Hotz, a.k.a geohot, has put together an artificial intelligence system capable of ensuring semi-autonomous driving.

He has since created his own startup, called Comma.ai, and promised a first commercial product for the end of 2016 that would cost no more than a thousand dollars, with the idea of ​​transforming a standard vehicle into a semi-autonomous car.

This product will be Comma One, a kit proposed by the end of the year for 999 dollars and accompanied by a monthly subscription of 24 dollars, which promises to bring semi-autonomous driving to certain standard vehicles.

Comma OneCredit image: TechCrunch

Like Tesla's Autopilot mode, the system will allow driving without touching the steering wheel on major routes, but it is not a completely autonomous driving device. When it starts, the Comma One kit will only be available for a small number of vehicles and one of the conditions will be that its last ones have a front radar, used in conjunction with the kit's camera to detect the surrounding environment.

Comma One's announcement on the occasion of the event TechCrunch Disrupt, betting on the imminent availability of the product, where a good number of manufacturers announce advances but not yet really of concrete solutions, with the exception of Tesla and its Autopilot mode.

By the way, George Hotz presents thedeadly accident in May 2016 of a driver of a Tesla vehicle with Autopilot mode activated as the result of a lack of attention and not as a failure of the semi-autonomous driving system