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A kidnapping of 21 iPhones at Apple's service center!

According to information which comes to us directly from an employee working at the seat of the European after-sales service of Apple located in the Netherlands (Mac and iPhone), important allegedly committed on Monday.

It would be no less than 21 iPhones and other Apple products that may have been stolen. These are test materials owned by Apple.

Apple’s after-sales service workers were even caught in the office waiting for the police to arrive while officials stood by outside the building’s doors to keep no one out.

A reward for 1000 has even been promised anyone who would be able to give information that would allow to find the flight material.

One of the heads of the after-sales service reportedly reported that if the iPhones were not found, they would in any case be blocked using the IMEI number. The company concerned having taken care to list the serial numbers as well as the IMEI numbers of its test equipment.

If you have any information about this flight, don't hesitate to pass it on …;)

We discuss it on the forum.

(Thanks ShadowMan)