A iPad in 16 / 9th in preparation?

A iPad in 16 / 9th in preparation?

News iPadWhile we were coming out in the afternoon of the absence of recent rumors about the iPad Mini, an analyst, Paul Mueller, explained the Examiner that Apple would work on an iPad in the same format as the new iPhone. It would be so much longer.

To assert this info, the analyst explains that three different sources gave him the same revelation. Yes this evolution would seem logical enough, reporters recall that the man in question was already wrong in the past.

To achieve this aspect in 16 / 9th, a choice must be made on the size of the tablet. because by keeping the same width, it would become much larger and difficult to transport. On the other hand, by maintaining the current length, it would seem a little narrow.

The sources said that new information should arrive in the coming weeks and that, on the other hand, no one had told him about the iPad Mini.

ipad ratio

A last point voque by our colleagues from across the Atlantic, which deserves attention, is that if these new proportions were to apply also the tablet, all iDevices would have the same ratio as the TV screens