A hundred bulldozed iPhones in Russia

A hundred bulldozed iPhones in Russia

A video publishes on Youtube shows the destruction of a hundred iPhones by a Bulldozer in Russia. Russian authorities say it is counterfeit. The importer of these products claims the opposite.


A video published recently on the site Youtube may cause teeth to cringe aficionados of the apple brand. Indeed, the latter shows the Russian authorities destroying more than a hundred iPhones. And to get there, the latter used great means since they used a Bulldozer. In total, 127 iPhones, both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models, went under the tracks of the huge machine.

According to a report, the Russian authorities justify their action because the destroyed iPhones are in fact counterfeits seized from a Chinese importer wishing to bring the goods into the country. For its part, the local importer deplores the situation and claims that it is indeed genuine Apple products. In the absence of documents proving the authenticity of smartphones, the Russian authorities did not seek to look further and decided to destroy all the goods. The latter is also estimated to be $ 36,000 by the Russian authorities. There is no doubt that the goods would be of much greater value if they were genuine products. In the meantime, the importer has clearly not been too accountable since he was fined a modest $ 65, which should not deter him from starting again; if he had things to blame.

In any case, the publication of this video leaves to say the least pensive. Especially since the destroyed products seemed to be very close to reality, both in material terms and in their boxes. There is no doubt that certain people could consider this video as an act of the Russian government which wished to testify to its love for the United States through the destruction of a symbol of capitalism … Each will have its own idea.

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