a hook script opens the game to mods

a hook script opens the game to mods

GTA 5 - 6

New step in terms of modding on GTA V PC: a modder has published a hook script for the game which allows to use native scripting functions in custom plugins. As a result, we should soon see real mods appearing for the Rockstar game.

Since its release on April 14 on PC, GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) has been very successful with players on this platform. The title of Rockstar is also expected to be enhanced with the help of mods developed by the community.

GTA 5 PC - 11 "height =" 130 "width =" 231While we're only talking about trainers and other tweaks that modify the title somewhat, we learned a few days ago that a modder managed to access encrypted files from the game installation, thus opening a way to modding.

The developer "Alexander Blade" has just gone a little further using the script hook which he freshly uploaded to this address. This trainer for GTA V allows players to use the native script functions of the game in custom plugins with the suffix ".asi". This access allows you to use all types of mods for the game.

The other advantage of this hook script is that it automatically deactivates when GTA Online is launched. This feature allows you to avoid getting banned from Rockstar servers.

Now remains to observe the next mods that will be developed for the game.