A HomePod 2 that recognizes your gestures and your mood

A HomePod 2 that recognizes your gestures and your mood

homepod apple iconApple has recently filed a multitude of US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patents and has released a new, more human version of its HomePod.

The HomePod has not worked very well since its launch, probably because Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are much more accessible.

The firm Apple may be trying to improve its connected speaker to win potential customers. We feel the desire to make Siri more human and closer to you.

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Firstly, the HomePods will have more visible and sympathetic LED animations and will be able to display Emoji according to the context, according to your moods, or according to the mto.

The goal is surely to make Siri more alive and feel a little more his presence.

The future HomePod would also embark on a form of advanced FaceID that tends to Microsoft's Kinect and that could analyze your movements to perform this or that action without you having to talk to him.
This Face ID could also recognize the person in front of him to read his personal mails.

Finally, this potential HomePod future will ship a camra and a notch, much like the new device of Google sold exclusively in the United States