A group of friends recreates macOS Catalina wallpaper

A group of friends recreates macOS Catalina wallpaper

macos catalina icone macIt's crazy to see the will and imagination of some Apple fans, so imagine a group of three together, with a little time in front of them.

After the announcement of Apple around the release of macOS Catalina and its new screen, the compres have a challenge: try to recreate the new wallpaper set up by the Apple.

To do this, it was necessary to go to the tip of Catalina, with good weather conditions to get closer to the original.

They are recreating the Catalina bottom screen

Andrew Levitt, American youtubeur, is a great passion for photography, but also of the Cupertino company. Thus, he has set himself the goal of going to reproduce some of Apple's official screens, including the latest set up for macOS Catalina.

Two months ago, he attacked the Catalina with two of his friends to try to reproduce the original adventure he shared via a video available above.

With their drone, the small group has managed incredible shots and the result is very, very similar to what Apple could do! This little making-of shows us that behind a simple bottom of screen, it takes a sacred team to achieve such a level of perfection.

andrew levitt