A glimpse of the iOS interface on a 4 "screen

A glimpse of the iOS interface on a 4 "screen

In the event that the next generation of the iPhone may have a new 4 ″ screen, a user offers a preview of what the interface of iOS could look like on such a screen size.

Rumors that the next generation iPhone may be equipped with a 4 ″ Retina display are certainly not new. While it's hard to imagine running iOS on such a large screen, a member of the site's discussion forum The Verge offers several mockups that already give an idea.

In the mockups offered by this user, the width of the display resolution remains the same, ie 640 pixels. In fact, this is the height of the display resolution that is now seen pulling in displaying 1152 pixels against 960 pixels currently.

Such a display resolution would be great for viewing photos, playing videos, enjoying new video gaming experience, and storing an additional line of apps. However, such a change would cause work for developers who would be forced to rewrite their application (s) to adapt to this new display resolution.

What would you think if such a change were to apply in the next iPhone?

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