Apple Pencil - retours tactiles

a future pencil with tactile feedback [Brevet Apple]

The future of Apple Pencil could provide more information to the user using tactile feedback.

Apple Pencil - tactile feedback

In a new patent, Apple is examining a number of solutions to allow the Apple Pencil to physically inform users in certain circumstances, all via tactile feedback.

The idea is interesting in itself, but tactile feedback can have negative effects. Indeed, it is enough that they are too powerful to the point of causing significant shaking of the stylus. In this case, these vibrations could create errors while the user draws.

If a tactile feedback is to be included in a pen, it is necessary to do so without vibrations or movements which affect the work of the user. For this, Apple offers a system in which you feel the sensation of a force which is applied to elements close to the fingertips of the user. Tactile feedback could be managed to apply to different areas of the hand and in different directions.

By applying these forces simultaneously in different directions, Apple believes that they cancel each other out, keeping the stylus stable. Thus, it would not cause any error when using it. All this, without giving up the information perceived by the users.

To achieve this, Apple plans to insert a series of vertical slots in the pencil that contain a material connected to a particular motor, which rubs against the user's fingers to create tactile feedback.

Apple Pencil - tactile feedback

Thanks to these tactile feedback, the user would be informed of the activation of a certain function when using the Apple Pencil in any application.