A Freebox V6 in sight at Free?

A Freebox V6 in sight at Free?

A strange FreeboxOur colleagues from the Univers Freebox siteMultifunction ADSL modem designed by the access provider Free (aka Illiad). The Freebox is a proprietary box developed by Free and supplied to… published a strange picture, to say the least. We see a Freebox HD similar to the one that many know, next to another dark gray box with square shapes, which displays the words “Rock N Roll Reloaded”.

Some already see in it a prototype of what could be the future Freebox V6.

A mysterious Freebox

This Freebox would therefore have a flat front, which is largely reminiscent of a touch screen. Indeed, it is possible to see on the photo a “power” pictogram located on the facade, as well as a volume control, and which all seem to be controllable by touch. Several assumptions are therefore current around this box: is it the one that could accompany the future Freebox Optical (codenamed Ophélie)? From a brand new Freebox? From the optical Freebox itself?

It would seem that this prototype is the work of a designer, who would have realized it in June 2008. If this one wishes to remain anonymous, it is very possible that this one made this prototype for Free. We attempted to contact Free, but the operator did not “No information to communicate on this subject”.