a foldable flying drone that follows its owner

a foldable flying drone that follows its owner

Last year, a project met with great success on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It was Airdog, a flying drone offering the particularity of being foldable, and therefore more easily transportable than the other drones of the moment.

Airdog has raised almost $ 1,370,000 from 1,357 investors, despite a very high price. Its concept is based on several advantages: on the one hand, its arms are foldable to slip more easily into a bag, but it also relies on a method of monitoring its owner.


The drone will be kept on a leash thanks to a tag called Airleash that the user will keep on him to focus the attention of his flying companion. The latter can be equipped with a GoPro type camera for aerial views, and the tracking function should be particularly interesting in the practice of extreme sports: mountain biking, skiing …

Airdog can travel at a maximum speed of 64 km / h and withstand winds of 28 knots. Its range is 300 meters and its autonomy is between 10 and 20 minutes.

The first deliveries will take place next August, and its price will be displayed at $ 1,500 ($ 1,300 in launch price), without camera. At this price, many other models are already available, but few are as compact as the Airdog when folded.