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A foldable 5G iPad could soon be on the market!


Posted: July 8, 2019
Updated: July 7, 2019

by Steve

Ah, theiPad. Its fine curves, its beautiful screen, its premium frame, its class!… And its declining sales. As phones grow, the tablet market shrinks. Both in terms of sales and in terms of products offered. The result is ever lower demand: the public prefers to turn to good old phones or even a laptop (sometimes hybrid) to do the job of tablets. They who had so much coast! Apple, for its part, still believes in it. The iPad is by far the best-selling one. But we will have to restart the machine.

Based on information fromUDN, the apple brand is currently working on a foldable iPad…. And that would integrate the famous 5G, which everyone is talking about around the world. UDN indeed suggests that a foldable iPad would be on its way, and that its screen, once unfolded, would be similar to that of a MacBook. The concern is that some people try the technology, and they have broken their teeth: we think of Huawei with its Mate X, repelled, and the Galaxy Fold of Samsung, withdrawn from sales.

“Thanks to the A-series processors, the screen size will be almost identical to that of the current Macbook product line, bringing a new revolution to tablets. It is also used for the new dual-screen surface which will be launched by Microsoft next year, ”confirms Jeff Line, an analyst at IHS Markit.