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A flexible OLED screen for the next iPhone?

A flexible OLED screen for the next iPhone?

In an interview agreement to Korea Times, the vice-president of Samsung Electronics said he had received a standard order for a new type of flexible OLED display. An analyst at a US investment bank claims the customer is Apple.


The screen of the next iPhone could be flexible, in addition to being larger (4 ″?) reveals the Korea Times. The information comes from Kwon Oh-hyun, vice-president of Samsung Electronics, who revealed that his company had received a "standard" order for a type of new OLED screen that has the distinction of being flexible. “Due to strong demand from our customers, we will start mass production of flexible OLED screens from the second half of the year”said Oh-hyun. the question of knowing what was the name of the company (where the companies) which had (in) been placed this order, Mr. Oh-hyun did not wish to give more details. Asked about this, an analyst at an investment bank in the United States implied that the client could be Apple:

“Apple is an iconic brand that continues to set trends. If Samsung receives increasing demand for a futuristic product such as flexible notches, it's hard to imagine that Apple could not have had anything to do with it. ”, he replied. The Korea Times, he said that several industrial sources have already named the sixth generation of the device "Yoga iPhone".

Kwon said he believes that flexible OLED screens like the ones currently being manufactured by Samsung will replace almost all LCD screens in mobile devices by 2015. It's not just their strength that makes this new type of screen so attractive, it is also thinner in addition to providing more brightness.

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