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A first Foursquare campaign for Quick

A first Foursquare campaign for Quick

It is through the Foursquare geolocation application that it is now possible to take advantage of special offers in a selection of Quick Brussels restaurants.

The action implemented offers two types of rewards: customers who check in for the first time receive a free cheeseburger; for loyal customers, when their third visit, a menu is offered when purchasing a menu.

As a reminder, Foursquare is an iOS (and Android) application that allows a user to declare his surroundings where he is by a Check in.

“The use of this solution provides additional statistics and therefore very instructive insights.”, explains Matthieu Vercruysse, Consumer Insight Manager at Isobar.

Isobar is the first agency to use this geolocation approach that is closely linked to a global digital strategy. “By this means, Quick and Isobar intend to test the use of Social Media and mobile in direct connection with points of sale”, concludes Matthieu Vercruysse.

We discuss it on the forum.