A few days spent with my iPhone dsimlock

photo_18.jpgMy iPhone has been unlocked for almost a week. I can already draw the following conclusions: Days pass and I am still as amazed by the capabilities of this phone (is this word still appropriate?).

What impresses me most is the fluidity during the navigation between the different functions. It just doesn't row compare a pocket PC.

I’ve always been a little scared of touch screens from a reactive and precise touch point of view but the iPhone one is incredibly easy to use. The fact that you can tap two parts of the screen at the same time is also a big change. The only adaptation to do is to get used to writing an SMS or a note. It takes a few days of adaptation. I did not immediately discover the “magnifying glass” function when there is a longer press on a text entry, it is very practical and precise in case of correction to be made (…)

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