A father falls seriously on a bicycle, his Apple Watch launches the alert

A father falls seriously on a bicycle, his Apple Watch launches the alert

icon apple watchThe Apple Watch is a unique connected watch. It already has dozens and dozens of lives on the clock thanks to the detection of heart problems or the detection of falls! A user has just shared his story, he had a fall on a bike and the Apple Watch has triggered the alert.

The story of Bob Burdett

The sky is blue, there is sun and it is Sunday morning! Bob Burdett take his bike and invites his son join him for a long bike ride the mountain. His son Gabe Burdett agrees to join his father, but will not arrive right away. Instead of doing nothing in the meantime, Bob Burdett will take a bike ride to enjoy the fresh air and warm up his muscles.

After several minutes, Bob Burdett's bike is go into a terrible fall. Bob falls of his bike and he is bless. There is no one to help him, his son has not arrived yet and since it is early, no one is there yet to enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Bob both paralyzed by his pain and suffering Normally, he can not reach his iPhone that is in his pocket. This is what comes in just seconds the Apple Watch.

apple watch saves a user

The Apple Watch understood that there was something wrong

The Apple Watch knows it, Bob Burdett is a athletic. She is often hard proof as for the gestures, but the shock that she has taken is necessarily a serious fall of his user. Immediately, the watch connects Apple considered the urgent situation. She starts ring and vibrate violently on Bob Burdett's wrist, but this one still in shock from his accident, do not answer. The Apple Watch goes at the higher alert level. She applies the alert procedure selected by Bob Burdett. She sends immediately a message his son and call 911. In this message sent his son, the Apple Watch informs:

Emergency SOS: Bob Burdett called the emergency services of this approximate location after Apple Watch fell sharply. You receive this message because Bob has designated you as an emergency contact.

The Apple Watch also sends location data from Bob to emergency room and his son.

If Bob had not had an Apple Watch, the consequences could have been more serious and he could have stayed long hours in this state. seek help, before being rescued.

Gabe Burdett, who shared her father's Facebook experience, said the technology is amazing.

Bob's son on Facebook:

We drove straight there, but he was gone when we arrived. Another update of the Apple Watch told me that its location has changed with the location of the hospital on the map. Dad knocked down his bike in the back of Doomsday, hit his head and was stunned for some time during the ambulance ride. The Apple Watch had called 911 with its location and the helpers found it and took it in less than an hour and a half. Another service brought the bike back to the station. My brother was already driving the hospital when the second update arrived and could be with him right away.

To finish Gabe wrote:

Daddy is fine, he has done radios and scans, it's a little painful, that's for sure! IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE WATCH, install your ANTI CHUTE detector it is not only for the falls of a roof or a ladder. If it had fallen somewhere on the trails of High Drive or another remote area, the location would have allowed paramedics to know where to find it. This technology is amazing and I'm so happy he had it.

This is not the first time the Apple Watch saves lives. Two months ago, Phillips Esho's Apple Watch, which was jet skiing on Lake Michigan, triggered the warning after a wave overturned Phillips.

All users who have been saved thanks to the Apple Watch will tell you. Apple's watch is like a guardian angel !

How to activate the fall arrest detection?

This fall detection feature is active automatically for the people who are 65 years old or older. However, the activation is done manually for the people under 65. Even if you are less likely to be subject to accidents than a person, he is still recommended to enable this feature ! Especially if you tend to do sports activities outside.

To activate the fall detection, just open the application "Watch"present on your iPhone.
Then go to "Emergency call":

apple watch emergency call

Then in you will see this:

anti fall detection

You will just activate "Falls detection"which is downstairs.
The iPhone also lets you configure a backup contact, to warn a loved one! The SMS / iMessage that will be sent will be the same as the one sent by Gabe Burdett.

The Apple Watch is more than just a watch connected! It can also save your life.