A disturbing British study on smartphone addiction

A disturbing British study on smartphone addiction

iPhoneSmartphones have become an important part of everyday life for many people. Whether you are 20 or 50, the smartphone has become indispensable for personal use and professional use. A British study has revealed a disturbing conclusion about smartphone use in children and adolescents!

A real burden in the lives of some young people

Organized by the British Medical Council, this study that reveals smartphone dependence among young people makes the buzz on social networks and mainly in the United Kingdom where some TV channels have already relayed it.
According to the study, for many English doctors, the misuse on smartphone would be considered as a psychiatric disorder and the magnitude would be standard, since this would affect approximately 23% of children and adolescents !

the smartphone and teens

both in school and in private life, young people would be too "hooked" their smartphone which would sometimes hurt the school success, to social bondsbut also communication within families.

This psychiatric disorder, the English doctors call it the "Problematic smartphone usageThis is something that all English doctors know and know dtecter quickly in a young person.

How do you know if your child or teenager has this disorder?

How to notice this disorder in a young person?
According to several doctors interviewed, it would be detected in this way:

any behavior of a smartphone that exhibits the characteristics of a dependence, such as panic or frustration when the smartphone is not door, the difficulty to control the time spent and the use of the phone to the detriment of other pleasant activities

Apple already offers a solution

Of course, there is no quick fix to solve this problem, which concerns a lot of young people around the world. However, Apple aware of this addiction that continues to grow in the current generation, offers since iOS 12 the functionality "Screen time".
This makes it possible to effectively track the time of use, the applications that make us the most addicted (for example, for us it's Twitter and Instagram), but also the number of unlockings iPhone made in the day.

The function "Screen time" is also very interesting for parents, since it allows to define a stop time with a selection of applications that will remain available or to limit the time of your app or several specific apps.

Available in the settings of the iPhone, you will see "Time notch", just below "Do not drown".