A clone of the iPhone 4 sold online

While the iPhone 4 has been on sale for two months around the world and is still very delicate to put “Hand in hand” – because of the shortage -, a Chinese company, out of nowhere, did not hesitate to use the domain name http://www.iphone-4.hk to sell his iPhone 4 keys through a website usurping the site of the firm that sells the real product.

This same company does not hesitate to push the vice even further by using on the one hand, the name “IPhone 4” registered by Apple internationally and transmitting its customers a false certificate of authenticity signed by “Peter Oppenheimer” who is none other than the vice-president and financial manager of the Cupertino company. The stamp stamped “Apple”, which also includes the contact details of the California-based firm, completes this false document.

Regarding the clone of the new iPhone, it is sold 1180 yuan (about +/- 135) and for this price, you will receive a device including:

– A touch screen of 2.8 ″ (non-multitouch) against 3.5 ″ for the real product (but certainly not Retina type).

– A very close design with nevertheless some big differences.

– An OS which is obviously not that of the real product.

– Two low resolution (0.3 megapixel) cameras (front and rear).

– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

– A “Dual SIM” reader.

– A packaging box copies / conforms to that of the iPhone 4.

– Goodies (car charger, Bluetooth headset, additional battery).

iphone-4.hk promises the assurance of receiving a quality product, delivery within 3 to 5 days, reimbursement within 7 days in the event of non-satisfaction and the icing on the cake: a guarantee… life!

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