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A clone of the iPhone 4 for $ 100

Counterfeiters don't waste time when it comes to replicating a clone of the iPhone. The new iPhone has been officially on the market for less than a week than its clone already invaded the market in China.

Name “Air NO.4”, this clone offers the following specifications: MTK chip, Wi-Fi, 3.5-inch touch screen (without obviously multitouch technology), two low-resolution cameras (0.3 megapixels) positioned in exactly the same way as the real iPhone 4. The device is also intended to support Java technology due to its browser Internet but it is not at all certain that it can support video conferencing of the type FaceTime…

If you don't have the least to pay for the new iPhone but you want to make believe from afar that it is indeed the real product, this clone is offered to you at the price of $ 100. On the other hand, do not have your knowledge tested at the risk of disappointing them.

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