A Christmas with an apple flavor for children and teenagers

A Christmas with an apple flavor for children and teenagers

A study pretends that American kids and teens would be even more interested in having Apple branded products under their tree this year.


With the holiday season just around the corner, the Nielsen design office has looked into the wishes of American children and teens for the next six months. This investigation was carried out with the aim of probing these people about their wish and not especially their intention to purchase.

It turns out that the Apple brand is easily placed in the top 4 of the ranking of 6-12 years. These privilege the iPad which they therefore place in the first position of their wish. The iPod touch and the iPad mini are in third and fourth position. Only Nintendo arrives to put its new Wii U console on the second step of the podium. Compared to last year, the iPad was already in first place but with a lower percentage: 44%, compared to 48% today.

As for teens, the iPad is also the star, but is followed by the desire to receive a "computer", then a tablet other than iPad. The Wii U console is relegated to fourth place. The iPhone is in fifth place. Compared to last year, the choice of iPad is down: 21% against 24%. It seems that teens are starting to watch more and more about what the competition offers.

According to figures reported by Nielsen, there is no doubt that there should be many Apple products under the tree this year.

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