A challenge mannequin in the International Space Station

Space users have become outstanding communicators, and in particular via social networks. So what could be more logical than a very fashionable challenge model aboard the International Space Station.

For once, we will do without music in the background. The unusual weightless performance was filmed by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the European Space Agency. It shows the other five ISS crew members taking part in the challenge: Oleg Novitsky (Russian Space Agency Roscomos), Peggy Whitson (NASA), Shane Kimbrough (NASA), Sergei Ryzhikov (Roscomos) and Andrei Borisenko (Roscosmos ).

This should put an end to the challenge model … it will indeed be difficult to do better. Thomas Pesquet specifies that the sequence was filmed on a Sunday which is the day of rest in the ISS.

" The whole crew set out to offer you the only space challenge mannequin and at the same time a short visit to the International Space Station! It looks like a mixture of science fiction and anticipation cinema, doesn't it? "

The fun will be of a whole order on January 13, 2017. Accompanied by Shane Kimbrough, Thomas Pesquet will make his first extra-vehicular outing to install new lithium-ion batteries. An operation which will be carried out in two stages for a total duration of 7 hours.