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A case for iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil is shown

A case for iPhone 11 with Apple Pencil is shown

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThird news of the day on the iPhone 11. This time, it's not the USB-C charger or dual nano-SIM and 3D Touch, but the Apple Pencil.

A previous rumor already predicted a future compatibility of the iPhone 2019 with the Apple stylus, now we have the first cases. Buzz or real leak?

Apple Pencil compatible iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro?

We talked about it in May during our full summary on the iPhone XI, the Apple Pencil is a possible option among the novelties of this year. The distributor MobileFun has just added an Olixar case reference for a certain iPhone 11 Pro. While we had announced the new names of the iPhone 11 thanks to a leak at an accessory maker, now another manufacturer seems to reveal new information. The display case allows you to protect an iPhone 11 Pro and attach an Apple Pencil to it. On the other hand, the latter seems smaller than the one that accompanies, optionally, the iPads.

Now it remains to be seen whether Olixar is right, he who has already made mistakes in the past. A good coup de com '?

In any case, we can ask the question of the relevance of having a stylus on a "small" screen, even on the iPhone 11 Pro Max which will replace the iPhone XS Max. What do you think ?

iphone 11 pro apple pencil case