A brush for the iPad – Belgium-iPhone

amazing this brush intended to be recognized by the multitouch screen of the iPhone or iPad. The Nomad – its name is 13 cm long – has the distinction of resembling a real paintbrush. It nevertheless has a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers chosen for their conductive properties. Designed by Don Lee, a 39-year-old architect from New York, the latter felt that it was necessary to find a better solution for drawing, especially on the iPad.

"The finger is by far the most effective way to interact with the iPad, but when it comes to drawing, I've never been able to get used to it," said Lee. "As a problem solver by nature, I started tinkering and finding a solution, and that's how the Nomad paintbrush came about."

At launch, only a black version with a 12.7 cm inch handle will be available for purchase, followed by a version with a white handle. In the future, Lee plans to launch additional versions with different brush head sizes and sleeve length. Pricing has yet to be released, but since each "stylus" is handcrafted, it shouldn't be cheap.

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(Via Mashable )

Demonstration video: