A breath of fresh air on Belgium-iPhone

A breath of fresh air on Belgium-iPhone

Dear internet users, it is with great pleasure to be able to welcome you to this new refreshed version of the Belgium-iPhone blog.

After connecting with lesoir.be, last June and the opening, a few months later, of Geeko (the little brother of Belgium-iPhone), what could be better than being able to offer you a certain standardization of our high-tech blogging platforms?

It is therefore now done since you will have certainly noticed: Belgium-iPhone also uses the same design of the Geeko template, while having taken care to preserve the colors of your favorite site which are inked in your habits.

So what's new in this new version:

– The possibility of finding key information at the top of the blog. – Sharing articles to social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and also by e-mail. – A direct overview of the articles with the most comments, the most read and also the latest comments.

Interactions with the Geeko and Moijeux blogs.

In order to be able to quickly offer you a view of all of our information, the right column will permanently display the latest information published on our high-tech blogs, Geeko and Megames. The information is returned in the form of an illustration of the article and all you have to do is move your mouse pointer over it to discover the subject of the content.

Other new things to come.

The change of template of the blog of Belgium-iPhone represents the first phase of this wind of freshness which knew to be necessary. New features are in the works and will land very soon!

IPhone app

As you know, we have submitted build v1.0.0.1 of the Belgium-iPhone Apple application earlier this week. The latter should be hopefully within 10 days.

Finally, we hope that you will appreciate all these new features that we are implementing with one goal: to offer you the best experience on Belgium-iPhone!

Your reactions are also expected on the forum.