a benchmark reveals a little more about the characteristics

a benchmark reveals a little more about the characteristics

lepingouinenfoliedestroyer wrote:

And Android N (7) in 2022?

It was at the end of May 2015, during the Google I / O, that the Mountain View company revealed details on Android 6.0. The consumer version was rolled out during the third quarter of 2015, at the same time as the release of the Nexus 5x and 6p.

It's not even been a year since Android Marshmallow was released! Do you want them to come up with one every six months for a new version?

Although the version of Android N has been formalized, it should not be confused with the final version …

First of all, you should already know that we are in front of an unfinished beta version of the system which will claim a minimum of 5 months of testing to hope to reach a point of stability for the fifth Preview Developer of Android N, which is announced for t, that is Q3.

For the moment, no "precise" release date has been communicated since the version of Android N which is still in development, but this one is now open to the community for a while.

It is necessary to wait at least 5 months before the deployment of the final version on the first compatible mobiles.

Knowing that we are already at Preview 3, there are only two missing!

If you don't find it fast enough, do it yourself!