a 6 TB model at Western Digital

This new hard drive comes in two versions. First there will be a Re version which will target uses such as network data storage or surveillance and will focus on performances. It will be sold in capacities between 250 GB and 6 TB.

Then will come a Re version+ which will be more aimed at data centers and will insist on mastering the energy consumption. Two capacities 5 and 6 TB will be offered.

Both share a format 3.5 inch and SATA 3 support (for data rates of up to 225 MB / s, depending on the references), as well as announced endurance at 550 TB per year and an MTBF of 1.2 million hours.

WD Re + (2) The WD Re + hard drive in 6 TB (click to enlarge)

The availability of WD Re and WD Re + hard drives is scheduled for second quarter 2015, with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Prices have not been provided by the manufacturer.

Still at Western Digital, and more precisely on the side of its subsidiary HGST, these are the first 10 TB helium models which begin to be delivered. It must be that, facing SSDs that are increasing in capacity and are now targeting 8 TB.